Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joss Stone

This weekend Miss Evie has been in town, on her annual trip home from Cambodia, and we got to catch up over many drinks. I also took her along to Polly in Brunswick Street as my date for Emy’s birthday drinks.

On Sunday, I caught up with the Melbourne BookCrossing gang for our Xmas brunch, before heading into town to meet Jenny for dinner. We had a bottle of wine and little yummy bits at Arintji Café in Fed Square, before making our way across the road to The Forum.

Joss Stone was in town, and she was fabulous! So full of soul, for someone so young, so sang, she chattered, she danced. Playing old and her new stuff, she was very cute.

Taking requests at one point, and persevering for Dirty Man, which she had actually forgotten the words to, she was fully into the gig, despite this being her last till she goes home. Full of energy, and grooving all the way through.

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