Monday, December 24, 2007

Work Xmas Party

After a crazy, crazy, hard working week, beer o’clock finally reached us at 11.30am on Friday, for the beginning of our much anticipated work Xmas party. A quick meeting, with beer buffer, before we were loaded into taxis, with travelers, and taken to our lunch destination in South Melbourne.

Lunch was at ArchiBar, and was very nice. The drinks were flowing, hair was being let loose, and the salmon was lovely! Catching up with people who I work with, away from our desks, and pods, and phone, was quite fun! Also got to touch base with the guys from the Ballarat office, which was good too.

As lunch was winding up, and we had started to drink the bar dry, the group decided to brave the torrential rain, and make a run for the tram into Fed Square. A tucked away bar was found, and a credit card was offered, and thus the drinks and chatter flowed.

The group eventually made it across the road to Misty bar, where things started to get very messy. Was a great night though! I assisted a certain colleague into a taxi at the end of the night, she knows who she is! A large end to a very big and hard working year.

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