Monday, May 05, 2008

Hawks 7-nil!

All things footy are all things good! Hawthorn are undefeated after 7 matches, and are looking good! The only thing stopping us being top of the ladder at the moment is .19 percent....hmmmmm!

Yesterday I went along to the beloved MGC, with 47,000 other people, for a massive match against Collingwood, which had mounted as a huge test. My last match now for 5 weeks, as I head over to the other side of the world for my other sporting love. It's also the last match Jessie and I will attend together for some time, with her and Heath set to head off for their travels very soon also.

It's hard not to get carried away with it all, with the Hawks going along very well! Buddy and Roughead, and Willo sensational. The likes of Mitchell and Sewell, Crawford and Brown, alway good. September action is looking very exciting indeed!

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