Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Yesterday I walked from Tali's place, through Central Park and past Strawberry Fields, down 5th Avenue, to the beautiful Grand Central Station. I could sit in there all day and take in the gorgeous interior and people watch!

Out into the rain, I walked down to the UN Plaza, and joined a tour of the UN buildings. Having been locked out of this on previous visits, this was another thing I wanted to do this trip, and I was hoping for some restoration in my faith and belief in all that the UN stands for. Taken through the Security Council, and into the General Assembly, our guide was great - although really didn't teach me anything I don't have a HECS debt for already! Would be great if I hadn't studied about this organisation, and knew very little!! A focus on landmines, and the emphasis that the UN is an action from all of us, including the vast array of countries respresented within of tour group was strong...but nothing new and hopeful for me! Sadly.

Finishing the tour, I walked out into the pouring rain, and started to give up hope for our evening plans. Stopping for another mammoth dose of caffine, and waiting it out, I met up with Talia when she finished work, and we decided to head out to Yankee Stadium anyway. They hadn't called of the game at that point, despite me being soaked from the downpour!

Riding the subway out to the Bronx, we emerged out of the tunnels into daylight and blue sky! Amazing! This season is actually the last one in Yankee Stadium, with a new version being built next door, so it was exciting reaching the ground amid the blue and white clad fans to fit our seats.

Sitting directly above home plate, we had a great central view, and settled in for the Yankees verses the Baltimore Orioles with beers. Refreashing the basics of the match, the first half of the first innings saw 7 runs scored, by the Orioles - apparently a massive score!

A slow game, the Yankees didn't score until around the 5th innings. The highlight was the potential of a bit of biffo, with a "wayward" pitch almost taking an Orioles head off, and a pitch invasion by both teams....but no punches. A rare event apparently! We finished off the night with more beers at Talia's local bar. All good for New York City this visit! Thanks so much for having me Miss Tali! (And for your photos!)


  1. Perhaps this might help restore your faith in the UN?

    Also, if you have time this weekend to head to the Telectroscope under the Brooklyn Bridge then let me know and I'll go to the London one and we can see each other and wave and write messages on whiteboards!

  2. You have restored my faith in New York - I didn't like it much in the 70's but you've seen and done lots of iconic things which sound wonderful. Great bookcrossing catch in Central Park too.


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