Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sabina Park Mound Stand and Victory

On Day 3 we traded our regular seats in the stand in for a ticket into The Mound, the Party Stand, with all you can drink all day...a physical challenge the Flaggers took on with much vigor!

Getting our posse in the shade, we settled in for a day of drinking, cricket from a different angle...with Belinda and I opening our day's account with a Red Stripe before play. Needless to say, by lunch the beers were going down very nicely!

Lunch as part of the deal, the drinking pace kept on, with cricket watching and much silliness! Changing to rum for the final silliest of silly session, the collapse in this session out in the middle seems to be a bit of a blur! I do remember Hussey's wicket falling with shock! And it raining at one point!

A dip in the pool, clothes and all when we all managed to make it back to the hotel on the bus, a rowdy trip that was, with travellers to keep the madness going. We all got dressed up and headed out to a bar, Quad, within walking distance of our digs.

The next day, very much worse for wear, the group was back to Sabina Park for Day 4. Admittedly I did sleep for some of the first session, much needed hangover time! After hearing of the Hawks 9-nil result back home, I dossed the footy scarf despite the humidity, loud and proud. At the end of play the bus of Flaggers headed to Liguana Bar and Resort for very cheap drinks.....and after swaering I wouldn't drink again, the run was flowing better than ever! The group chatted with Jim Richards, which was a treat.

Today victory was had by the Aussies, with an amazing match by one Stuart Clark, after tension and drama at the prospect of a loss for a day and a bit.

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