Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drawn Antigua Test

Day 3 of this second test saw another Flagger venture into the party stand - called Chickie's Party Stand in Antigua, with a permanent pool and open bar. Upon arrival we staked out an area until the limited shade - where we sheltered under from the rain! After walking a lap around the ground in search of breakfast, I settled in to watch the super soaker at work and await the bar to open.

Drinks soon flowed, and with nothing to watch in the middle, the day soon got messy! Sitting with feet dangling in the pool, rum and punch or vodka and juice in hand, who would want to be anywhere else! Great day for the party stand, with apparently 35 overs bowled in the end of the day...not that I saw much of that! I think I had a nap after going hard early!

Piling into the bus, a rowdy group, we drove across the island to experience Shirley Heights. Sadly we arrived after sundown, however Dr Mike and I had a burger overlooking the lights of English Harbour, and some much needed sustenance! Soon enough there was dancing to the reggae sounds of the band - and had a ball!

The next day the strange rumours that Stuart McGill had announced his retirement were confirmed, and one wonders whether his move to our part of the resort for his accommodation away from the team was a beginnings of the end. A full days play for Day 4, and some captaincy by Clarke in the last session saw a faster over rate, and some handy wickets from the man himself.

A dip in the Jolly Habour sea during sunset was my priority when getting back to the resort after play, so as not to miss out. Gorgeous white sand, warm sparking blue ocean....I dipped in clothes and all.

Day 5 arrived with an inevitable draw, or Aussie miracle, on the cards. A slow days play, with a finish marked by a shaking of hands with still 5 overs to bowl. A disappointing end, and send off for McGill.

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