Tuesday, June 10, 2008

La Habana

A cooked breakfast at Norma's for the 4 our us started our day of walking around this city. We happened upon Museo de Chocolate, and marvelled at what 1 CUC could get us as for samples, as we walked through the streets of Old Havana and it's balconied old colonial buildings. The colours, smells and friendly people on the streets, I could tell right away I would love this place!

We walked down to meet Ennedy, a tour guide the others had found the day before, stationed with her horse and carriage, in the Church of San Francisco plaza, and started a tour of the sights of the city. Our first stop was the Two Brothers Bar for a mojito (of course!), before we passed the beautiful train station, and made our way to the Plaza de la Revolucion. Taking in the Che wall, and the Memorial Jose Marti, Ennedy then took us through Chinatown, and then past Parque Central and Capitplio.

Ennedy was great, telling us much of the landmarks and history of her city, and also answering any and every question we had. We learn of the rationing system, and also what Casto and his government provides for his people, such as education, health system, covers rent and all utilities, and provides an allowance. Not much, leading to the basic lives of Cubans, the other disadvantage that was highlighted was their inability to travel.

We walked though the market, and took in more of the streetscapes, before getting a Coco Taxi over to Coppelia for ice cream. We changed casa particulars, and thus took a nap back at Nelson's, before heading out for a meter long beer and the Cuban fare of pork, shrimp and lobster, sitting in Plaza Vieja with a band playing.

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