Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I returned home to Melbourne after my big 5 week trip on Sunday night, and returned back to work on Monday morning. I had walked to work, thinking that the cramp in my leg needed to be walked out, after all that sitting on planes...hmmmm.

The leg cramp in my left calf, which actually started in London when I was out and about, was consistant on Monday, and the calf was actually quite tight. After chatting with Jo and Stacey at work, I was convinced to go and get it checked, just to be on the safe side.

And lucky I did! The Travel Doctor fit me in, and suggested that the cramping was most likely muscularskeletal, and that walking more would be best. But I insisted on a referral for an ultrasound anyway, based on Jo's earlier assessment. I finally managed to get the ultrasound done yesterday afternoon, and alarmed the Radiologist, who found two segments of clot, one just below my left knee and one just above - which is about 15cm!

Consulted by the Doctor on staff in Radiology, I was urged to go to Accident and Emergency to start treatment. I went off to the Epworth, being told they would see me the fastest, and thinking that my travel insurance would cover all. Not true about the insurance! But the Epworth was great!

Creating quite a flutter in A&E, getting lots of attention from doctors, nurses and students alike for the novelty of a DVT. Diagnosis confirmed, and treatment discussed, I was taken off for a QR scan of my lungs, where a tiny pulmonary embolism (PE) has been spotted. This means that a bit of the clot in my leg has broken off, and travelled to my lungs, which is pretty serious. Doubles the length of treatment now going forward, and also means I am quite lucky to have been checked out when I did.

So treatment is now to thin my blood, with twice daily injections, and the beginning of taking Wafarin - which I will have to take for 6 months. This means I am an in-patient, but luckily am being treated through the 'Hospital in the Home' program, which means I am at home, and have nurses and the doctor come and visit me for treatment and monitoring every day. All good, to be in my own bed, and not on a ward.

Discussions and theories about why this has happened, and why now and not other times I've traveled, and there is not really definative answers. This trip had a couple of days where I flew, waited around in an airport, flew again, waited around in an airport, and flew again, which may have contributed. The long haul flights home were definately a major factor, but it does seem that the clot was there in London. I am just very very lucky!!

So essentially on house arrest until my blood levels, and Warfarin levels are effective, which means no work, and that I cannot go to the gig I have tickets for on Thursday (which I was really looking forward to!), nor to the footy on Friday night (which I was hanging out for!!). Home alone, reading and watching TV I guess!

Oh, and the Wafarin means that I cannot drink until Xmas! My trip of a life time that will keep on giving!! Lucky that I had the greatest time!!


  1. We're glad to hear you're ok (if unable to drink alcohol for 6 months!)

    Now you have heaps of time to catch up on all your bookrings and bookrays *G*

  2. Glad you're OK! That was a close call. Do you have enough books to read? - I can bring a few (dozen) for you on Sunday!

  3. My goodness! That's awful! You poor soul!

  4. What a shame! I must say I most feel for you not being able to drink until Christmas. Not fun!!!

  5. Visiting from WTBAY. Hope by now it is all a distant memory apart from the Warfarin thing.


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