Monday, July 28, 2008

Katie's Birthday in the 'Rat and Walking Kiddies

Melissa and I headed back to Ballarat yesterday afternoon, a trip home neither of us has done for a couple of months. It was Katrina's birthday on Tuesday, and so we were making the trip to go out to mark the occasion.

Being the designated driver, given my forced sobriety, I got to drive Mum's brand new car to dinner, at Tandoori Oven in the Bridge Mall. We arrived and joined the group, as they settled in to their BYO bottles of wine. Unfortunately, the service was overwhelmed by our table of more than 20, and despite taking names for each order to help with delivery - the delivery was the crucial steps that seemed to be missing for over an hour! Our table grew very noisy and restless, and hungry!

The menu, albeit a few anomolies with the page numbers, and the food was quite good. With my meds for DVT, I actually have an assorted list of foods to avoid overloading on, and fenugreek is one of the things listed as high in Vitamin K, and thus blood coagulating properties - and the menu had this herb listed in just about every dish! I bearly knew what it was, and certainly didn't expect to have it as a choice

At the end of our meal, and the end of the tables drinks, we were asked to move on as it was closing time, and so we moved on to Haida Bar. Fairly empty, but of the few places I have heard Heart It Races played, Melissa and I carried on for a bit with Katie's posse, before calling it a night.

Today, after a roast for lunch, Andrea and Dean called around to catch up, and I got to see little Charli and Cooper...who have grown so much! Walking around on sure feet, the two little treasures are interacting with their world and each other. Very compliant and easily directed, the kids played around our feet as we caught up. A blown kiss from each of them when it was time to go, so cute!

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