Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MIFF and The Pleasure Of Being Robbed

The Melbourne International Film Festival started over the weekend, and having been inspired by Jenny and Scott last year, I have purchased a Mini-Pass to attend 10 (plus three daytime) movie sessions over the next two weeks.

I met Jo, Nikki and Stacey for dinner first, after dodging the cold by jumping in a taxi into town, at our new find Dumplings Plus. After chats over dumplings and pork buns, I dashed out to Greater Union, to see my first film of the Festival.

The Pleasure Of Being Robbed is an American film, following the plight of a young NY girl, floating through life in a dreamy, devil may care way. The main character lets fate guide her through her world, fate being her tendency to steal things - mainly from other people's hangbags! - and where these things can lead her.

A chance drive to Boston, impromptu driving lessons, and visiting the Central Park zoo in handcuffed custody, this movie is a quirkly float along experience, with a rather sudden ending. The footage of a swimming polar bear under water was very cool, however the next daydream sequence with a not so life-like bear was disappointing.

A full cinema found many points for communal laughing out loud, and the final credit dedicated the film to anyone who had had the pleasure of being robbed!

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