Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Basics and SATC

On Saturday night Nicole and Belinda came over for dinner before we headed to The Empress, to see The Basics. The closest pub to home, this was my first going out adventure since DVT, and close enough to hobble home if needed!

Since being discharged as an in-patient, I have returned to work and all things DVT seem to be tracking along. Having all too frequent blood tests, but once my Warfarin levels are fully stable and we have the right dose, these should drop down. Back to work, but taking it easy. The leg has been less achy each day, so things are all good.

The Basics include Gotye, and I first heard them back in February. This gig was the full ensomble, with ghost members of the band and the full elecric set. With Wally on the drums, he was not so visable from our vantage point - but his voice was such a presence during the whole set, just amazing! The band played songs from their currently recording album, as well as numbers from their album - which had me rush out at get it at the very first opportunity. Love The Basics! A new obsession!

Sunday afternoon I met Melissa in town, to see Sex And The City, the movie. Being away during it's release, we both felt like the last girls on the planet not to have seen it - and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Suspect of the need to do a movie after the end of the TV series, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie just felt like old times with the show. Tears flowed throughout, with the feeling of the end of an era with the four main characters.

The ending didn't work for me, but that end (won't spoil it!) has never floated for me! And Carrie can't call Big 'John'!! Hee hee!


  1. Did you hear they are talking about making a Friends movie after the success of SATC... it's a worry.

  2. Hey Tash, just checked your blog for the first time in ages! Noods and I saw SATC in New York our first night there! Loved it - definitly felt like you were just watching a heap of episodes. Seriously, not sure what is wrong with NY chicks but I was laughing the loudest in the cinema!! And when Charlotte was yelling at Big in the Street...oh my god, I wanted to yell at him too!!! Anyway, thought i'd share!! xoxo


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