Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grand Final Replay

After last night's footy warm up, the Round One rematch between the 2008 Grand Finalists was finally here!

Drinks for Project 2009 was at a very empty Cherry, where Mary and I met Springer for a pre-match beverage. This bar is a late night music venue, and I am sure would be great for that...but clearly not getting any after work drinkers. And given the rude barstaff, I don't think they are up to a crowd where anyone can hear each other!

Springer and I walked down to the MCG, taking in the crowd and the blazing lit up ground, giving little footy jibes to each other all the that footy is back!!

This year, after the dramas and stress of getting tickets to the Grand Final last year, Melissa, Mum and I have taken up Silver Hawthorn memberships. Mainly because Gold was sold out so fast, and this was the next level! A reserved seat in the Hawks section on the forward flank, with access to the Atrium Bar upstairs....and second level priority to tickets if we make the big game at the end of the season. Finding our seats for the year, we have quite a few kids around us, and not as many young, good looking single lads, much to our dismay!! But we are so close to the action, and more play right in front of us than we have scored for years!!

Settling in to watch the Hawks take on Geelong, the game had the potential to be a blow out, or a classic. Missing many of our players from the Grand Final, and with another late withdrawal on the night, and given the emotions of the Cats and their loss last year, it was a big match!

Halftime upstairs at the Atrium Bar, Melissa and I had further beers with Rick and Yussif, before returning to our seats to watch the score blow out to a 42 win lead for Geelong....and then see the Hawks claw back with 6 goals in the last lose by 8 points. 8 little points!! We're not far off the best team in the competition!

More drinks at European Beer Cafe, maybe too many based on my hangover today. Footy's back!

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