Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Boy

Last night Jenny and I drove across town, to meet Nicole at the brand new MTC Theatre complex. Architecturally stunning, this complex holds the Sumner Theatre, where we saw Poor Boy.

Starring a grown up Guy Pearce (not the lad from Neighbours anymore, that's for sure!), he played Danny....a ghost. The plot follows two families, one consumed with grieving the death of Danny 7 years ago, and one with a 7 year old boy - who, on his birthday channels Danny, and loses who he is.

Our seats were second row from the front, on the end, so that the swing and tricycle used on set where an arms reach away. The set also featured a band, suspended at the back.

The play also featured the music of Tim Finn, which recognisable songs dropped into the play..sometimes seemingly randomly, based on the smallest reference. Guy held a tune, along with his co-stars, including Abi Tucker. Songs like Persuasion, and Poor Boy, stuck in my head.

The best scene for mine was when Danny's wife, Abi Tucker, believed that the boy was Danny, and danced with him, both boy and ghost. All very Ghost (the movie) like for a moment. The whole cast would often break into song, but without the audience applause at the end of each, which seemed weird. They were certainly crossing over to musical status there many times!

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