Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Harpoons

Holding up the bar with a post-hangover medicinal at The Great Britain in Richmond last night, I waited for Nicole and Mel to arrive, while the band set up and the little pub started to fill.

Taking a couch in the back room, this band room was filled with dancers once the boys formed TAN. Playing tracks minus vocals, the lads had the most of girls in the room up twisting away to 60s rock tunes.

The four of them returned to stage to play their set, as The Harpoons. This night was for the launch of their 7" single, Faith - which is the song that has stuck in my head since. Bec's voice is disarming, so good.

Other tracks like Swim My Baby, Hey Girl, and Everywhere were catchy and distinct, this little Melbourne band had gained such confidence since we saw them first back in August. Another band to put a smile on your face, without fail!

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