Friday, April 10, 2009

Canary Club

Last night's bar drawn out of the pack for Project 2009 was the Canary Club, tucked away in dark and dingy Melbourne Place.

From work, Mary, Sandra, Dan and I made our way down to Melbourne Place alley after work drinks, and after mistaking the entrance to the 'private club' next door, we found the doorway, adorned with tile pieces. Walking in we were greeted straight away, and convinced to go upstairs to the mezzanine level, to a booth.

Hearing the girls in the booth next to us talk about sangria, I immediately insisted we get a jug, and then study the much praised tapas menu. Virgin sangria drinkers Dan, Mary and Sandra asked our attentive and hot waiter what was in it, and it felt like he talked for fifteen minutes to answer! This was some amazing sangria!!

Our tapas arrived, with little spicy chorizo and potato goodness, and then paella risotto balls, yum! More sangria, and then Jenny and Samantha arrived, ordering martini from the cocktail lists.

This has been my favourite bar on the Project to date, with cute boys in attendance, hot waiters, great table service...and the lad gave us a cocktail on the house due to the delay in it's arrival (we didn't notice!!) and another jug of sangria too. The only let down for the place was the bathrooms, I suspect a staff member hadn't been in there for a week! Alas, needless to say, we left happy and rowdy!

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