Monday, April 13, 2009

A Win On The Board

Sunday, the Hawks opened their 2009 account. With a convincing win, over a bogey team. And they looked good. Despite missing Premiership players, and the psychological damage a rough week served our opponents!

Having landed into bed at who knows what time after a crazy fun day, I actually woke up confused and unsure of the time on Sunday. My phone was dead, so I stumbled out to the TV to discover, to my horror, it was 30 minutes to bounce down at the newly named and accepted Etihad Stadium. Crap!

Taking things a little gently in my hungover state, I finally got on the tram to the match, and arrived up to the top level just after quarter time. Hawks winning, feeling better already! Despite going to the footy weekly, we don't have a standard area at the Dome (hmmm, Staduim), and without a working phone, I looked around for ages and ages...but didn't spot Mum or Melissa at all. With the tired peg leg needing a rest, I finally quit the search at half time, and found a seat, any seat.

After watching us lose our first two matches of the year, I soaked in the lightening handpasses, the silky skills of Rioli, and the sensation of Buddy and Roughead kicking a bagful each, and watched Hawthorn pump away to a 42 point victory.

Finally having my first meal for the day, I amazingly ran into Melissa as she walked out of the train station, after seeing Mum off home to Ballarat. And lucky for her that I did! She was ready to launch a search party for me, given my lack of phone response all day.

Melissa and I then went back to the North Fitzroy Arms, found the day before, for a Sunday roast, to make Easter Sunday.

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