Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Genetic Mutation

Today I finally went to see my GP, after my follow up blood tests to screen for any blood or genetic factors for my incidence of DVT last year. And the 8 vials of my blood they took from me a couple of months ago have cleared me of any mutations in my genes, predisposing me to clotting.

Great! So just The Pill. And all those flights. And maybe a bit of dehydration in the heat. And dumb luck, led to those big fat clots. No real explanation as to why this time, and why not before...but anyway!

My GP had also discouraged me from wearing the peg, stating that really now, it was no longer doing anything for my circulation, nor preventing a new DVT. So I have been without peggy for about two months, and really there has been no difference. So all good there too.

But tomorrow, I am due to get onto my first post-DVT international flight. My first non-warfarin long flight. Not long haul, but the shortest flight that will get me a new stamp in my passport. And I am anxious!

I seem to hear about a new DVT story everyday. Just today someone told me about a friend's mother who had just got off a flight from the UK, and had a DVT. The incidence anecdotally seems higher than ever!

My story of DVT has led to many of my friends telling me that they are now more aware when flying, and will do more things to prevent themselves getting one. Good! Get up and walk around! Drink wine! And do those silly exercises!

In order to prevent DVT in the future I will need to take injections of Clexane. So before and after long haul flights. If I am ever pregnant. The incidence of DVT in my age group is 1 in 3000, and despite my GP telling me my odds are still the same, I am not going to run the risk of another clot...which would lead to warfarin for life.

Warfarin for life would mean no drinking. Ever again! Good god! But also fortnightly blood tests to check my levels. Always considering what I am eating, and whether I have eaten too much spinach this week, did I already have chick peas in something this week, is there fenugreek in this? And also the constant fear of harm leading to bleeding, leading to not clotting.... Nevermind the idea of taking a derivative of ratsack forever!

So I have also insisted today that I be given Clexane for tomorrow's flight, and for the flight back home. I would rather be preventative...than wish I had. But now, the challenge will be giving myself the needle! I am not sure which is making me more anxious!!

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