Saturday, May 09, 2009

La Di Da and A Footy Nightmare

Back to the Project for another week, after work drinks led us to the very dark, and very full La Di Da. Just a hop and a jump from the office, and conveniently for me on the way to Etihad Stadium.

Only having time for one more drink for the night in the end, before rushing off to the game, I had a beer with Tara and Sarah, Michelle and Dan, before joining Rick and Melissa outside the gate, of a fast filling Stadium. Seemed like a great bar, with a decent crowd, indoor and outdoor options....but alas! The footy!

Should have stayed at the bar! One of the worst games I have had to sit through for a long time. I think one 20 second bit of play by the Hawks....and the rest was rubbish. Essenscum just ran away with it.

Melissa and I met up with Kelly and Matt and half time, who I haven't seen for years, which was pretty cool. Perhaps that, and Cyril Rioli the only highlights of the match! The 'Scum ran away with the match by some hideous margin in the end, and acted like they had won the World Championship. Well, la di da!!

Feeling bitter (!), devastated and low, Melissa and I, Rick and Tim made our way out of the crowd to the Royal Melbourne - where not only we were gutted with the result, we were smacked in the face with bad, loud 1995 music, and then the vision of the footy replay! Oh god! What a nightmare footy experience!


  1. You should have gone to Little Red- and I should have gone to the footy!

  2. Totally! I was thinking that when I read your post of the gig!


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