Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sister Bella

Back from holidays and keen to get back into our Project 2009, this week's drawn bar was Sister Bella.

With the growing media fears about Swine Flu, I am battling a cold from hell, and given my recent time in New Zealand, I have been a target for germaphobic attention this week! Feeling like death, and having tried every remedy I know (other than rest, of course! How do you get that!!??), I plowed through to Friday night drinks, thinking that my old friend beer could not possibly make me feel any worse!

Medicinal beers at work were taken, before we ventured out into the cold night to find the bar. Hidden down an alley off an alley, down behind David Jones, Dan, Alissa, Bec, Michelle and I found the entrance, marked only by a bouncer and a Coopers Green sign, and made our way upstairs.

Lana soon found us, as we huddled near the bar, in this funky and full gathering place. Jenny and Virginia found us, as we were scoping out the population in the bar, with positives for all. Beer to sangria, and I am sure I saw jager shots being done in our group, Jenny and I managed to grow tired and a bit drunky, leading to a need to head home.

Grabbing a taxi in a last ditch attempt to make it to The Empress for The Good China. We actually made it inside to the band room (without the need for the cover charge - I owe the China $6!), we saw the end of one song, and then their full version of Maple Leaves.

Turns out this was the end of the encore, which was a shame, but I am sure there will be more opportunities to see them soon. It seems the whole Ryan fan club was just in front of us, with this little band developing quite the following!

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