Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Year Ago

This time last year I was sitting in Melbourne International Airport, awaiting my flight for my "trip of a life time". A whole year ago. Blissfully unaware of DVT, and hanging for cricket in the Caribbean.

That trip meant that calculating my Visited Countries annual map, I got to add Jamaica, Antigua, amazing Cuba and Barbados to the count.

My trip last year allowed me to catch up with Talia in NYC, and everyone in London too. Plus introduced me to a whole bunch of top blokes and sheila's through Waving The Flag.

Since then, getting back to international travel after the DVT scare and threat to the continued infection of the travel bug, my trip across the ditch with Mum has also let me collect another stamp in my passport.

visited 32 countries (14.2%)

So much white space remaining! With my passport full, and 5 useless months of validity, effectively making my trusty, crusty, mouldy little blue book null and void, I am in much need of some travel inspiration! At the moment, it may be a static year, till this time next year, again. Time will tell!

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