Friday, June 05, 2009

The Basics In Ballarat

Spotting a list of new shows for The Basics, and knowing I would be unable to make it to the Melbourne show, I have been working on a 'work' trip to Ballarat for about a month for last night! Mary and I both scored work reasons for a roadtrip to Ballarat, and finished off our day on Thursday before driving up the highway.

Popping home for dinner with Mum and Katie, Mary, Katie and I then jumped into the car and picked up Maria on the way down the street. Picking up Jo at her place, we had a full car as we parked in Camp Street and made our way in the Karova Lounge.

Being the first ones there, we joined the boys from The Basics around the tables, and grabbed our first beers. Andrea joined our group, as the boys from the Dead Letter Chorus warmed up to an empty bar.

As a few more people arrived, the Dead Letter Chorus got started, impressing with us with Gabrielle's vocals, and the happy pop-py feel.

For the Nice Harmonies. Nice Looks. Nice Lunch. tour, the three boys soon took the stage, starting with new single Like A Brother.

As the crowd started to creep up closer to the stage, the boys led us through new tracks including Home Again and What Do You See In Me?, and some favourites like Money (Gimme, Gimme), Second Best and Just Hold On. With This Ship drew much crowd participation, as these entertaining lads are becoming more and more popular.

They certainly impressed the little group I had dragged along for the night, for some musical education! Our groups' endearment to the lads was assisted by having them join us on the dance floor after the gig. Karova played some great tunes, and this ended up being a very large night! So much fun, and dancing up a storm with Kris and Tim was certainly a highlight.

I don't actually remember much of the night once the lads left, but I know there was more dancing, drinking, and too much fun for a school night!

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