Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chi Lounge

Finishing off my work as much as was possible for a week off, I was the only one left in the office as I headed out into cold Melbourne...unsure if I would be having a drink, given my rule about not drinking on my own. Text conversations, however, confirmed participants in Project drinks for the week, and thus I thought I would have a few quiet ones before going home to prepare for my trip and early flight the next morning.....hmmmm.

The Chi Lounge in the middle of Chinatown was upstairs, where I found Jenny, Kata and Renee soaking in some colourful cocktails. Sitting in a curtained off booth, surrounded by Asian themed fittings, we were treated to table service, making the ordering of drinks effortless....

Jules soon arrived, and then Annie and Josie found us. I haven't seen Annie since spotting her in an Irish pub, years ago, and the catch up began.

I remember bites of food being had, many beers for me, cocktails for the girls, before we decided to move on. The lure of our favourite Project 2009 destination, and it's amazing sangria, took us to Canary Club.

Discovering the time eventually, and knowing I had an early, early, early ride to the airport, but also being our of destination ideas, we finally called it a all sorts, drunk, tired, and not at all packed! Opps! Great night, though! Ha!

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