Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mountain Goat

After talking about it for months, Dan finally arranged a night at the Mountain Goat brewery, in Richmond. I met him, and DC, inside the amazing warehouse space in a little tucked away street last night, after driving all over the city for the work day.

Catching up on the day over a pot, we were soon invited to join the tour with the brewer...who took us through their small operation, where their micro-brew is made. Telling us the story of starting the operation in his bedroom, being moved to the bathroom, then laundry and then a small space in Richmond, our brewer was full of passion for his brew, and the development of his beer as a recognised name. He told us they started that small, but now have beer running through 70 taps in Victoria, and two interstate. Such an exciting story.

Dan, DC and I returned to the bar section of the brewery space, to sample the paddle of all 4 current beers, being the Pale, the Hightail, the India Ale and the Surefoot Stout. We ordered pizza from the bar, and each took on another pot of our preferred beer, before calling it a night on a school night.

Very impressive set up, and story...only enticing me more to the Goat when I am out and about!

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