Thursday, July 02, 2009

Evelyn Gets The Good China Out

Nicole and I met at the Evelyn last night, for the first night of The Good China's July residency. Arriving just after doors opened, the crowd was treated to Ryan China on the decks.

First up for the night was Icicle Melts, and from standing near extended family of the band, we learnt that this was their first live gig. Starting off as an eclectic mix of musicians, with no lyrics, they showed promise. But as the set moved on, and attempts at vocalisations were made, it was uncomfortable, with pitch issues....and, well, it just seemed like they couldn't sing. Awkward.

Next up was Plastic Palace Alice, who restored the evening, with energy and fun, and array of instruments on stage.

Having not seen them play for some time, it was great to see The Good China fill the stage for their first show for this July run, with news that they have just completing recording an EP. Treating us to a reworked Perversion For Profit, we also got A Million Little Pieces in the set. So good.

Telling the crowd that they are aiming to play a new song with each residency show, this night's track was an energetic No More Maps, No More Roads. All Nothing was awesome, as usual, along with many other tracks we'll soon be listening to on their much anticipated EP!

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