Sunday, July 26, 2009

Xmas In July

On Friday night, work put on a dinner for Xmas in July. Drinks at the office began as I was still finishing up bits and pieces, before I finally made it into the tea room with the rest of the office. A traveller got me through the walk to Bank Place, and our table setting upstairs at The Mitre Tavern.

Despite the rowdy, blokey atmosphere downstairs, our room became rowdy in it's own right as the beer and wine flowed, and everyone let their hair down. Mingling around the tables, and getting into the full entree and main spread, the drinking soon took over the focus.

By the time we were done, and had exhausted the tab, downstairs was empty, and we all traipsed the streets along to Transport. I remember that there was vodka consumed here, but hazy recall here, as the crew kicked on. I have flash backs of running up the hill back to the office to grab some things with Joey, before heading home very late....

Yesterday morning confirmed that I don't need to see The Hangover, I live it regularly! A world of pain, I dragged myself through the shower and into the car to get into town for the match. Very messy trip to the MCG, oops! We found our seats and settled in for the Geelong v Hawthorn game, with expectations going any which way.

Such a great match, with our lads playing like hungry, hungry Hawks, and trying their hearts out. The end result, alas, was one of heartbreak, and a heart stopper during the last 5 minutes. Geelong by one point after the siren. Devastated! And yet, very very proud of our boys.

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