Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hungry Kids Of Hungary

Dragging myself out into the cold night, in the middle of the first test coverage of the Ashes, Nicole and I headed across to The Tote in Collingwood to catch a band we have both been listening to in the last few weeks. Having seen that there were four bands on the bill, we actually arrived just after the start of the set we had come out for, seeing that one band was missing from the eventual line up.

The Hungry Kids Of Hungary was the band we had come to see, and we caught the new single Old Money, as we took our places in the dingy band room. Their catchy, indie pop energy, with harmonies by the lads, this is a band to watch, with news of them working on an album. Scattered Diamonds was a higlight, as well as Set It Right.

The night was actually The Boat People's headline gig. This little band of four talented lads really impressed. Telling us that they were working on their third album, and they two of them have just made the move from hometown Brisbane to Melbourne, I would say we will be seeing much more of them. Unsettle My Heart and Awkward Orchid Orchard were stand out for the just under an hour set. I have since downloaded their album, and will look out for them from now on.

As we left the pub, I spotted that the Aussies had declared in Cardiff, making the First Test very much game on! Coming home, wide awake and all set for a long and exciting night....the rain started in Wales, and didn't let up!

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