Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cricket and the Road

Yesterday I was in the car for work, driving to Hamilton and back, and when I got in and tuned the radio to the cricket, I was sure that by my first stop in Lake Bolac, it would be all over. What a cracking day's cricket!

This is a sight that caught my eye on the drive. I thought I could post some of the great sights out there on the road, in a little show of appreciation to the regional Vic that is now going to be my bread and butter!

Since my move to Ballarat office, I will be the Psych Consultant servicing the whole of regional Victoria, branching from Ballarat and Bendigo. So, many many roadtrip treasures to be spotted and enjoyed!

This was taken in a little town that really flashed by, between Lake Bolac and Hamilton.

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