Monday, January 04, 2010

Lovely Humps!

Part of our relaxing New Years Day, apart from time in the plunge pool, time in air conditioned comfort, and back in the private pool again, was to get down to Cable Beach for a ride on the camel train. We got down to the sand and joined our train with the Red Sun Camels, and were taught how to get up on the saddles, between the humps, two per camel.

Wendy and I were on Jabba, who with his brothers had walked in a train like this one from Alice Springs, to start his working life on Cable Beach. Nick and Melissa were behind us, on a slobbering camel, and we soon found that Jabba liked to get very close to the girls in on the camel in front of us!

Instructed to lean back while the camels stood from their seated position, we were soon ambling along the sand, all in line. The train of about 16 camels walks over the rocks and dry sand of Cable Beach, through the Nudist Beach area, and along the waters edge.

Being brought back to sand from the camel's back, we then made our way to the Sunset Bar for cocktails as the sun disappeared into the sea (and clouds!).

Our destination for the evening was a return to Matso's, for dinner, which was amazing. And then we sampled many of the beers on offer - a Raspberry beer, a special for the New Year, then the Monsoonal Blonde, followed by the very refreshing Ginger Beer, and topped with the very yummy Mango Beer. All so very good!

Our Broome time was over the next morning, as I put the peg leg on, and gave myself a cexane injection for the day of flying. We dropped the car, and checked in to Perth, where I boarded a plane for Sydney, Nick to Melbourne, and Melissa and Wendy off to Geraldton to continue chasing the cruise ship around WA.

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