Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Live Recording Basics

I caught the train down to Melbourne, and made it in time for a few drinks in the Melbourne office, before Mary and I grabbed the car, and picked Nicole up on the way out to Northcote. We had a great meal out in the beer garden of the Northcote Social Club, as we chatting about the anticipation of the gig ahead.

One of our favourite bands, The Basics, were recording a live album this evening, featuring an extra long set. We made our way into the band room, after signing the boards at the front, destined to be the cover of this album.

The boys arrived on stage, explaining the unusual configuration for the recording, and then launched into Rattle My Chain. A host of older tracks for the first third of the set, the boys seemed to be belting through the tracks, without the usual banter, with such nerves!

The joy of tracks like Karolina, Memory Lane and Better, and even rarely heard nowadays the cover of Three Cool Cats. A reworked Looking Over My Shoulder, and Home Again.

The covers flowed much earlier than their usual gigs, Roxanne was in there, and the NKOTB Right Stuff. Old Man was included which seems to be a new live fav for the boys. The nerves of the band fell away mostly as the set neared the 2 hour mark, and a late night for all, but such a treat to get all the tracks in one large dose!

Just a scattering of track from Keep Your Friends Close, which surprised us. And the crowd reaction for The No 1 Cause Of Death Amoung Youth Today was so lacklustre, makes me think there were too many people in the crowd that didn't know the lads' music - I mean, this is the song of the year, surely!

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