Monday, February 08, 2010

Florence + The Machine

Katie met me in the city, after I put in an afternoon in the Melbourne office, before we met Maria and Gina at Canary Club for sangria and tapas.

We then made our way in the heat to the Palace, and found a spot for the 4 of us along the balcony of the first level, looking down on the stage. The crowd was filling, and despite the humidity inside the venue, there was an air of anticipation. The support was Big Scary, and whilst I didn't see any change from the last time I saw them here, the crowd was much more into them.

Finally, in the swelter, Florence and her band arrived on stage. The very tall, red haired Florence stalked onto stage with long, long legs, wearing a little body suit, and a flowing cape, very goth-like. She opened with My Boy Builds Coffins, Kiss With A Fist, and then Hurricane Drunk - three of my favourite tracks straight up!

Her voice, with no backing, filled this cavernous venue completely, and had the adoring crowd going wild for this London girl with the awesome album. She chatted, she danced, she joked, she drank whiskey, she handed out pieces of her jewelery. So enchanting.

A harp on stage, Drumming Song was amazing, as was Dog Days Are Over, with the crowd jumping upon Florence's instruction - it was clear that she loved the festival gigs she was out here for. A cover of the Cold War Kid's Hospital Beds mixed up the album tracks. She seemed genuinely blown away by the receptive crowd, who were transfixed with her every move.

Encore of You've Got The Love, with Rabbithole (Raise It Up) left in our heads as we returned to the air of the outside city streets, in awe of this incredible talent.

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