Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Meeting up with Nicole and Mary, and the work crew for drinks at The Mint, the 3 of us soon escaped the city to find the National Theatre in St Kilda, ready for our night of music treat!

Taking our seats in this beautiful old theatre, we were ready for the start of the support for the night, being Tash Parker. Showcasing her debut album, she commanded the stage and venue with her voice and talent. Joined by Wally on stage for the last 2 tracks, he told us all that they had recorded one of them in an old church down on the Mornington Peninsular. The final track, Not Unprepared, also featured Wally on percussion and harmonies. She won the hearts of many in the crowd, as she has clearly won Wally's!

The Gotye set opened with his new track, Eyes Wide Open, with Wally at the front on standing drums, and the images of the video clip filling the back of the stage. The sound, in this cavernous stage, was incredible. Moving into Coming Back, before playing a new track, later introduced as Smoke and Mirrors, which seemed to have a very strong message for someone!

Starting Heart's A Mess by mentioning a few people had thought something of it a few years back, Wally wowed the crowd by reproducing those sounds and samples on stage - including bouncing from instrument to instrument, across stage. Another new song was dedicated to a couple of people in the audience, Bronte is about loss, and was sad and beautiful.

The Only Thing I Know was a treat from the back catalogue, before the final new song of the night, being The Light (maybe!) - which is surely destined to be big this year! Very exciting! Ending with the brilliant Learnalilgivinanlovin, this night was an little glimpse into the music and performances ahead. Such a talent!

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