Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sydney: Ashes

One day of the Fifth Ashes test, being in Sydney, completed my lap of the country, and at least a day of all 5 tests. Not a bad effort! Pity the Aussies couldn't impress! Totally disappointing to see them lose on home soil.

Melissa, Greg and I found our seats in the Flag allocation, just making the first over. A very slow session, Aussie batting at it's most dull - just the fear of the tumble of wickets, I guess.

I caught up with Johnny Mac at lunch for beers, and met his mate Dave, who then both joined us at our seats. Bad light soon stopped play for a bit, and then the rest of the day was characterised with play on and off, for rain spells. I blame this for the flow of beer, which was not wise, given that I had to drive home at the end of the day back in Melbourne. Alas, was great to catch up, and how else do you get through rain delays and losing the Ashes?

Meeting up with the birthday girl at the pub after play was called off, Belinda had spent her day in the Member's, and was in for a large night! A great pub, just walking distance from the SCG, The Local has many levels, and we found the crew on the top level beer garden. Eventually dragging ourselves away, Melissa, Greg and I grabbed a cab out to the airport, and flew home, marking the end of the Summer of cricket!

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