Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gotye: An Animated Album Preview

Having purchased and savoured my first listen of Gotye's new album, Making Mirrors on Friday, the prospect of seeing it performed live at the Sydney Opera House was even more exciting than the idea was when we grabbed tickets for this show. On Saturday night Nicole and I took our fourth row seats in the Concert Hall for just that!

Part of the Graphic Festival, this show, was billed as a combination of the new album, Wally's stagecraft, backed with fresh and handpicked animation.

The "support act", if you like, was the screening of The Lost Thing, with a live mini-orchestra performance of the soundtrack. This short won Best Animated Short at the Oscars this year, and is a film directed by Aussie Shaun Tan, and narrated by Tim Minchin. A cute and emotive story of finding our place in the current rat race, the animated streetscapes seemed to have pulled inspiration from John Brack's Collins Street, 5pm

Opening with the album opener, Making Mirrors, Eyes Wide Open was the first powerful full track, to wow us right from the start. The released clip for this song released last year was the accompaniment, and this combination made for a powerful performance.

Checking with the crowd if it was ok that if he didn't manage to start the clip for State Of The Art, he could reset it, Wally triggered the animated sequence with the opening beats perfectly, which provoked an awed response from the full Hall. Having the animators in the crowd, whom he acknowledged, this track stood out as a very Gotye-esk track. About a home organ, this has autotune featured, and the sampling of previous album tracks.

Rather nonchalantly, Wally started in on the track that everyone around Australia is currently talking about right now, Someone That I Used To Know featuring the background visuals of the music video. As the track built, we all wondered how the cameo vocals would be added to this performance…and when they started it seemed like a recorded addition, before the tiny Kimbra walked on stage playing her role in the track. Awesome.

Hearts A Mess, which followed, was emotional! Seeing this performed live is such an intense experience! Wally’s vocal range and passion in this, whilst bouncing between instruments is awe-inspiring. Such a talent.

Playing Save Me, and talking about his current relationship, showed the softer, lovely side of Wally on stage, before Bronte and the animated clip cemented the sentimental elements of the new album. So beautiful.

Playing the album, live, with his energetic backing vocalists who also featured on horns and stand out clapping sequences to bring a track to life, was a showcase of over 2 years of work bringing together this collection of tracks and musical inspiration. Finishing with the soaringly uplifting Learnalilgivinanlovin, the not flawless show was a complete treat.

Walking out felt very reminiscent of the feeling coming out of a gig earlier this year, totally in awe of the musical experience and genius that was a feast for eyes and ears for the whole show.

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