Monday, August 15, 2011

Robyn Moore

At the beginning of this month, the Ballarat Make A Wish Branch had our next function, hosting Robyn Moore as a guest speaker. Now the fellow volunteers of the committee who had seen her before raved about her inspirational impact and entertaining delivery. In all honest, I hadn’t heard of her before – but in fact, as a little research showed she is a prominent voice, being the voice of Blinky Bill, all the female characters in the Aussie political satire radio serial How Green Is My Cactus, and a host of tv ad jingles.

Robyn is also the National Patron of Make A Wish Australia, and volunteered her time for our evening. She has Ballarat family links, and throughout the night she connected with the 150 people who come along to the night, with local stories.

Michelle came along with me for the evening at the North Ballarat Sports Club, and I joined my fellow volunteer committee, numbering 15 at the moment, in hosting the night.

Sharing stories from her own life, with the experience of her mother with Alzheimer’s, and also the many, many Wish kids’ lives she has been part of, Robyn reminded us of the effect we all have on each other, and indeed, on ourselves through actions, words, and attitude. She reminded us of the positivity we are each responsible for within our own experiences, and also the outward projection to others.

Her stories and the amazing lessons she has learnt over the years from the children with a life threatening illness making a wish were beautiful and so real. Robyn had us laughing, and quite a few times brought tears with her stories, reminding us that the importance of caring for each other, and also of laughter.

A very life affirming and inspiring night.

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