Thursday, August 25, 2011

More of Sydney

With a couple of trips up to Sydney in a fairly short space of time recently, and with time walking around in the usually confusing city for me, I finally feel like I have a bit more of an idea of familiarity and a not-so disorientated impression of the central area.

On the weekend just gone, after being delighted by another impressive Hawthorn win in the lead up to the finals, I got up pretty early on Saturday morning and picked up Nicole on the way to the airport. Finding fog as soon as I crossed from North Melbourne to Carlton, it got thicker as we neared Tullamarine. We found that this had subsequently caused the airport to be shut down for the morning, and a 90 minute flight delay for us. Luckily we were in the air, and arrived into Sydney, without too much drama.

With our delay, this meant that Team Wilson were in the area to pick us up from the airport, given that I was planning to meet them in town when we got in. The car is not Evie's favourite place to be right now, so when we got into town, Jess and I walked across Darling Harbour with Evie contently in the pram, and we met Andrew at Pyrmont for lunch.

Basking in the sunshine, we sat on the decking of Cafe Morso and enjoyed a lovely lunch. Evie cuddles, and catching up with the Wilsons, perfect!

Returning back into the CBD, I did a bit of shopping before getting to our place for the night, the gorgeous art deco heritage listed The Grace Hotel. A "Secret Stay" deal found on Need It Now, this restored hotel from the 1930's was a bonus to the weekend! Nicole and I then met up again, and got ready for our night out, before wandering down to Circular Quay for dinner, and then pre-gig drinks at The Opera Bar. Belinda and Ross, and Claire and Kirsten joined us for wine and the view of the Bridge and Harbour, before we headed to our reason for the weekend trip.

On Sunday Nicole and I made our way out to ANZ Stadium, after not finding anywhere in town open for brunch, to meet Belinda and watch the footy. A preview to a potential final next month, we watched Sydney play the Saints. Amused by the scoreboard informing the crowd on the obvious umpiring decisions of the day, we saw the Swans confirm a win in the end.

What a great weekend away!

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