Friday, October 07, 2011

Ballarat Sanctuary Day Spa

On a particularly vulnerable and stressed out day at the office some months ago, a hawker walked in when tensions and tantrums were mid-scream, selling a little taster package for the Ballarat Sanctuary Day Spa. Amazing timing! I think she sold three that day, and was called back the next day!

So I started my four separate sessions a month ago, spaced apart as per the voucher instructions. Truth be told, I needed to confirm where the spa was, but made my way to the tranquil rooms on the grounds of the Mercure on Main Road. Taken into a treatment room, the first experience was a skin treatment facial. Asked to take my top half of clothing off, and take to the treatment today, I didn't really think much of it, and complied. And then wondered why I needed to nude up for a facial! Nudity aside, it was lovely, but totally indulgent! Warm quite room, pressure points working all stress away. Massage and skin treatment, all good.

The next session I was running late for, due to extensive driving all over country Victoria in a day's work (nothing unusual there), and so upon arrival we decided that I would have the eye lash tint only, and skip the curl. Fine by me! Having tinted eyelashes made me feel and look girlie enough! They are still tinted, and I have been pretty happy with this one.

The third session the following week was the hydrotherapy bath. With a back and shoulder massage first, I was then taken into a room with a big mounted bath, and more nudity was required. Once in the bath, the jets were activated for a full complex routine targeting different areas, with essential oils as part of the treatment. The jets changed without warning, which frankly took some of the relaxation out of it, but nonetheless was a pretty nice experience - plus given that the Miner's Cottage doesn't have a bath, it was a total treat!

The final session I had this week, and was a follow up facial. This one utilised a steam ritual, and a mask, and was another indulgent escape to relax! I was definitely liking the weekly visits to the spa, in a total self-care strategy away from the stresses of work. The staff at Sanctuary are lovely, and the whole experience is very calming, and a complete escape.


  1. omg, I'm drooling reading this post. No fair! I want 4 treatments at a spa.

  2. oh, and I can't imagine you with tinted eyelashes. Very girly.


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