Thursday, October 06, 2011

Timor/Maryborough and South Sudan/Trentham

On Monday I had to drive all day for work, and just outside of Maryborough I found a town called Timor. Which caught my eye, because Liz and her husband James are about to go to East Timor to work, through AVI.


I caught up with them a few weeks ago, at the Union Club Hotel, when they were completing their per-departure training. Pretty exciting, an amazing adventure they are about to have, in awesome work roles.

After Maryborough, I had to cut across mid-Victoria to a meeting in Trentham. Nothing there reminded me of South Sudan, but Rach is about to move there, for work. So impressive!

So while these guys are starting new, amazing adventures, I am in Ballarat! In the same job now for 4.5 years.....oh dear!

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