Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kaylene and Kane's Wedding

Kaylene and Kane got married yesterday, after months of planning. Sitting next to Kay at work let me in on the effort and dramas of such planning and preparation, and I am sure I only saw a fraction of it! She had started preparing herself pretty early on for the possibility of a rainy day in October, with us all assuring her that surely it wouldn't happen. And boy, did it ever! But amazingly, this union of marriage survived it's first test during the ceremony - and handled it beautifully!

Michelle and I arrived at the Red Lion Hotel for lunch and wine, meeting Jane and Kate there, ready to head out to the ceremony. We then drove out through Creswick, to the Tangled Maze, on the road towards Daylesford, and joined family and friends in the outdoor amphitheater. Marveling at the sunshine and blue sky all morning, almost as soon as we took our places, little spits of rain started.

As the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, partnered with their respective groomsmen, the rain drops got heavier. As Kaylene and her dad made their way from the cars, and through the garden to the gathering, the rain started becoming heavier and heavier.

As we all huddled under umbrellas, or toughed it out, vows were said and rings were exchanged. Kane was brilliant in calming any of Kay's nerves, and was probably totally distracting her with his little comments to her - so cute!

Once the rings had been exchanged, we could move the ceremony apparently, and we all moved inside for the rest of the service. Both sets of parents contributed a piece of a family portrait puzzle, before the signing of the registry and the introduction of Mr and Mrs.

After the group photo, and wishing the bride and groom congratulations and that they would have a great day, the 4 of us made our way back to Ballarat, for some post-wedding drinks at the newly refurbished Bunch of Grapes. Taking over a little lounge-cove in the main area, away from the noise of the sports bar, this new look pub is very cute! Just needs to be more accepting of the non-betting mid-afternoon gatherers! Michelle and I then went on to have further drinks at the Lake View, before calling it a night.

There are all sorts of things said about rain on your wedding day, from it being a good omen, to it just being a weather coincidence! Either way, congrats to Kay and Kane on their lovely and special day!

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