Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fourth NaBloPoMo

Today is my 30th daily post in a row, completing NaBloPoMo for the fourth year in a row.

Of course I had 11 gigs to write about, so that helped a lot! And my now regular Top 5 pieces on albums of the year, play counts, and gigs of the year, have also been helpful prompts. But this year I did utilise the schedule function, which may be cheating a bit, but given my busy schedule, was necessary! I also managed to post on days where I had no real inspiration by finding my storage strategy of my travel pictures of the time based in London. This process, of blogging a few of these photos, also allowed me to revisit some of my travels and weekend trips of that time, and really appreciate how great having this blog is - I can look back on so many trips, events and places of mention, and random times, and recollect the where, what and my thoughts at the time. Love it! All those memories recorded!

jouljet has been going steadily since last year's NaBloPoMo kick start back into regular posting, and this is my 753rd post since starting blogging back in January of 2005, about to set off on that overseas adventure.

The most exciting part of blogging this month has been the traffic numbers. Blogger has an internal stats page now, which means it's more accessible than checking another site (which I still do for more detailed stats about searches leading to jouljet and traffic paths). Posts about the They Will Have Their Way gig, and the Straight To You show have reached over 70 hits since being published. And then the Harvest and my Top 5 Favourite Albums for this year have now reached more than 140 hits. The latter in just 3 days, thanks to it being picked up and mentioned by Largehearted Boy's Online Music List.

NaBloPoMo is also a time where I read more random blogs, through the challenge site usually, and this year through Twitter shares of those I am following. The sense of community in reading others doing the same challenge, but also of jumping through other blogger's posts and thoughts and lives, and leaving comments, is something I have really enjoyed over the last couple of years of this challenge. It also means my Google Reader list is ever growing!


  1. Congratulations for reaching the finishing line. You are super awesome!

    And thanks for encouraging and convincing me to do it this year.

  2. Ha, thanks! I knew you could do it!


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