Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Big Wool Bales

Coming back from Warrnambool yesterday, I made a significant detour to track down one of the Aussie Big Things, but also as a continuation of what felt like a bit of a farewell to the region, for now.

I ducked back inland to capture the Big Wool Bales in Hamilton. I am not sure why I haven't found them before, but I didn't really know where they are. You need to head out on the Coleraine Road to see them, but there is a sign about them on the main road.

They are not really that spectacular, but they meet the Big Things brief in that that are bigger than the item for which they are depicting. Apparently you can go inside for the museum of all things shearing, and there is also a restaurant inside! Big bales indeed!

The sign on the site, being on the edge of an industrial area, tells us that Hamilton is the Wool Capital of the world!

I did try and track down the Big Stockman, which is supposedly in Koroit, but didn't find him. There is a statue on the main road of a stockman, but he doesn't fit the Big Things fact, he may even be less than lifesize, considering my impression of a Stockman would be Hugh Jackman-build from Australia - no?

This detour allowed me to enjoy the view of The Grampians as it came into view in the windscreen, before filling my mirrors for quite some time. A spectacular sunset, with pink and purple clouds dotted all the way home, I also got to check out those gorgeous letterboxes along the road, at Wickliffe as I passed. Such an authentic, rustic, and pretty part of the world, just in our back pocket!

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  1. Sensational!! Hope the next Big Thing is even better!!


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