Saturday, March 03, 2012

Like Crazy

Seeing a preview for the movie Like Crazy, the presence of a track by Canadian band Stars had me interested. Even though a standard romance movie is not usually my style. Jenny and I met for dinner after my first day back at uni for the year, and after eating at Grill'd, we grabbed some treats at Brunetti for the movie, at Nova.

My initial impression of the synopsis was surprise that anyone would be silly enough to violate the terms of a visitor visa, in any country. I am always totally cautious, and anxious, about Customs, and the power these people with the country stamp hold. The experience of arriving into the USA is always a stressful time, as they ask the same 4 questions in 10 different ways, in random sequence, seemingly to trick you into saying something you shouldn't. And of course, living in London on a Working Holiday visa was always a challenge when coming back into the country after a weekend away, never quite sure what you needed to say to keep your status right.

Maybe it's just because I have never met anyone that I would violate visa conditions for.

Like Crazy is about a love that started between Anna and Jacob whilst she is studying in the US for a semester. They meet, become inseparable in a sweet and lovely way, as her return date to the UK looms.

It's a cute movie about a long distance relationship, and the troubles of distance and time. But it is also about the repercussions of a decision to overstay Anna's visa, and the mess this makes.

I loved the way time was portrayed, particularly the time of her overstay - very clever. Plus the trips down memory lane for us both, as Anna rode the tube back from Heathrow alone.

The best part of the film for me was the knowledge that the scenes were essentially unscripted, and thus these two actors played out the scenes themselves, according to TimeOut's article. This improv made the emotions so raw and real, and is a real testament to these two young actors. The idea that the poem on their first date was something that Felicity Jones wrote herself, and first read out on their first take is amazing.

...I thought I understood it, I could grasp it, but I didn’t. Because it’s the halves that halve you in half...

I was provided a double pass to see the movie via Way To Blue, and Paramount Pictures.

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  1. I love the Stars! I am always on the lookout for a good movie so keep them coming.


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