Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Eight Apostles

Today's roadtrip for work felt a bit like a goodbye to the Western District of Victoria, given my pending last day of work and travel plans. I shot down to Warrnambool, and managed a couple of detours on the way to and from, just in case it's ages and ages before I get down this way again. I mean, who knows when I will have the chance!!??

Once I got to my favourite bit of the driving part of my job, being the sight of the Camperdown Clock Tower, and since I was ahead of schedule (unheard of!), I took the turn to hit the Great Ocean Road, and complete the mission we amazingly failed at on our Roadtrip to Radelaide in January.

Taking careful note of the signs, I turned off correctly, parked, and walked the underpass to take in the view of this rugged coastline and the remaining Apostles. There is supposedly 8 now, of the 12 original (or so named), due to ongoing erosion.

Once you get out to the walkways positioned for the best views, the sight of the little formations out in the waves is spectacular. The cliffs, the blue, blue ocean, and the sunshine. Gorgeous, and enchanting!

The remnants of Apostles lost to the forces of the ocean and time can be seen in line, whilst you can't actually see all 12 at any one time due to the twists and turns of the coastline. Such an iconic view, and one of the gems of our state!


  1. Do you know - I have never seen the Twelve (or Eight) Apostles. I have never been down the Great Ocean Road. I am ashamed. But in my defence, I didn't have my driving licence last time I went to Melbourne.

    1. Ahhh, well I have never been to the Blue Mountains, so we are probably even on that count!

  2. OMG this looks wonderful! I'm just checking out what I should do and see in Melbourne. Is there a public transport going to this place? (I don't drive).

    1. It really is a gorgeous part of the world!
      There would be tour groups you could join, from Melbourne, to get down there and take a look!


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