Sunday, July 29, 2012


I am surprised by the experience of little pangs of homesickness, creeping in every now and then at this point of my time in Toronto, now 2.5 months of being away from home, and with one month remaining till I start the process of heading back to Australia.

The old Qantas ad with the Aussie boys and girls choirs singing I Still Call Australia Home all around the world, would always make me home-proud regardless of where I was, where I was planning to travel next, or where I had just been.

This new one, just released, pulls me home too!

The footage of the backyards, the farm-scapes, and even the car washing scene, feel like the quintessential Aussie Summer life to me, with the fresh and everyday aspects that I miss when I am away. This ad makes me crave vegemite and a roadtrip through a few states!

Isn't it great to see Daniel Johns looking so well! An Aussie musician I feel like we have grown up with. A great musical piece.

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