Thursday, July 05, 2012

Les Boules Roses

A street strung up with a long pink canopy of baubles was a must see for me in Montreal as soon as I heard about it, during my planning for my weekend trip just gone.

Part of Aires Libres, which is an art event along St Catherine Street, between St Hubert and Papineau Streets which runs until September, this resin ball installation is called Les Boules Roses, and is produced by landscape architect Claude Cormier.

There is 170,000 baubles! 1.2kms of pink balls! Apparently all strung up to different patterns all the way down the street. Differing densities and distances apart, and even shades of pink...they just look striking and pretty to me!

Sunday also had the Outdoor Bazaars which meant tents of art sellers' displays all the way down this section of the street, which enhanced the character to the wander along - which this street hardly needed, given that it is the gay Village of Montreal! Culture aplenty!

This photo (above) was found on the website for Memorama, after the auto camera facing the top of one of two stairways positioned along the street, where you can get a different perspective of the pink baubles.

When you are standing there checking out the street below, every 2 minutes it seems, a voice tells you a photo is being taken and a countdown begins. There I am captured with total randoms; I tracked down my appearance on the living postcard site.

An enchanting side of Montreal for the Summer, this is one of those quirky sites that really captures my travellers eye!


  1. What a cool installation! I love the picture with the randoms. I'm impressed you could even track it down.

    1. I love that photo! Was kinda the vision I had of going to see the pink balls!

      Thanks so much for sharing my posts on Suzy Stumbles!


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