Saturday, May 04, 2013

Project 52: Sunday Evening

Two Sundays ago, I was at another footy match! A North Melbourne v Brisbane Lions game this time. I had won tickets on a Twitter competition and Carl and I went along for the match. He come along to see his team play in Melbourne - I was there to see Majak Daw play his first match for the AFL. So exciting!

North Melbourne won the match in the end, after a little bit of a fight back from the Lions...but not enough. The debut of Majak Daw was so exciting, while it lasted....and then the match was kinda flat for a non-supporter of both teams like me. Still, it was great to be there for such a monumental 15 minutes of footy! And it's always nice to watch a match without an emotional attachment either way!

This post is part of Project 52 with Jess from FuShMuSh.

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