Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Planning Ahead

Since returning from my travels I have been somewhat resistant to just slotting back into real life. The task of settling into Melbourne with a rental property, and to buy back furniture for such a set up, and all that comes with it, just all seems a bit hard. And a bit too permanent for my liking.

But getting my social life into full swing once now that I have picked up some solid locum work, is my number one priority. That task takes some planning, and to help with that I have just ordered and designed my own diary for the next 12 months!

Personal Planner approached me through my blog and offered me a custom made diary, designed by me, through their website – yes, I get my beautiful diary in exchange for this post. But my words and thoughts are still my own!

First I had a play on the website to see what it was all about, and it was easy to see what the options were, and what kind of diary I could chose for myself. They look so good! And there are some great options, for whatever you need, in terms of size and diary layout. Once I had the coupon and was into the website, the hardest part of it all was choosing what look I wanted for my diary for the next 12 months! I got to select the start date for my personalised diary, and the wording and spacing for the front cover. Then, I could pick the layout of the pages inside, which meant I will have a week to an opened page, which is definitely my preference.

There are plenty of designs to choose from on the website to have for your front cover of your diary – but I elected to pick one of my travel photos of my recent trip, which means I will get to carry my Taj memories with me for the next 12 months! A sure fire way to keep my travel memories alive and present!

I loved the options for every aspect of the inside of the diary. I could have chosen to have world maps in the back pages – but I knew that would be way too dangerous, and imagined myself daydreaming over travel past and future in those pages! You could also have pages of addresses in this section, and could even customise them by adding your contacts in manually, so they would be printed in for you! Total time saver! I just chose to have pages of note paper, because I am forever trying to find somewhere to jot things down and be able to keep such notes, for blog ideas, travel recommendations, and important info that comes at me throughout the day and when I am out and about. Another personalised touch is that you can add dates in as you are designing the diary, so they are custom printed into it – like birthdays, and anniversaries, and the like.

At the point of completing my order, I was advised by email that it would be around a 3 week timeframe to receive my custom designed diary. I also received an update a few days ago that my Taj themed diary has been completed, and it should be with through the mail within 5 days. I cannot wait! I will have somewhere pretty to jot down the gigs I have lined up, trips away for the footy, the flights I have booked for a wedding in August, and also to organise the dates of housesitting assignments that I am working on for my homelessness solution! Perfect.


  1. I love it! A great way to carry around your memories through the photographic cover and to plan for new memories.
    Ps- also loved your disclosure too!

    1. I will get to carry the Taj around for the year! Ha!
      Thanks...it just worked and flowed like that!


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