Friday, May 17, 2013

Reviewing The Country Map

visited 44 states (19.5%)
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In this past twelve months I completed my 3.5 months in Canada, with several trips into the USA. Then I returned home for a little bit to save for the next travel stint. The New Year saw me return to Cambodia, and Thailand, via Malaysia, before visiting Burma, Nepal and India for the first time. 8 countries in 12 months, 4 new ones to me.

When I was travelling with Fi and Dave, and after we had completed our amazing visit to Agra and the Taj Mahal, I checked out their running list of the Wonders of the World they had visited. The Natural, the Ancient, the Man Made, the Industrial, the Modern. Fi is also working through a list of countries with every letter of the alphabet. She is streets ahead on the country count, and hasn’t yet been to Europe! Ahh, there will always be lists!

This is an annual post I have been doing since I was living in London, and I am pretty pleased each year to see a little more red on that map, a few more pages used up in my passport, and to have a host more travel stories to share and remember, and ultimately, a greater understanding of the world.

How many have you managed to experience, to date? Where are your wanderlust plans aiming for next? I think I need to target one of those continents that is lacking some red coverage!

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