Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lost In Wilderness

It was actually too hard to get lost in the little town called Wilderness along the Garden Route roadtrip in South Africa. However, working up the courage to kayak along the Touws River, into the forest areas, allowed some time and peace to lose myself, and escape the world.

Another stop I made on my return trip along the Garden Route, Wilderness captured my heart. The people were friendly, the air was fresh, the scenery of forest and river and beach was spectacular, the food was great, the pace was chilled, and there was loads to do, whatever you are in to.

Being a non-swimmer, I had to psych myself up for the little solo paddle along the river, but right from the first drive through of the town, I was keen to do it.

I needed to enter the National Park, before I got to the landing spot of Eden Adventures and arranged the hire of my vessel. Laughing at myself with the staff who helped me launch, I think they thought I was joking when I asked them to come find me if I wasn't back after a reasonable time.

The valley was still covered in thick morning fog at the mouth of the river, towards the road and ocean, which made everything seem still, eerie and quiet.

Heading off up the river, life jacket on, camera tied on to myself, I glided down under the bridge and through to the section of the river with forest-covered slopes towered on both sides. Once past the camping site on one side of the river, I was alone with all that nature, so dense all I could see was trees.

I turned back when my arms had had enough, which was well before the waterfall that could be part of such a day outing. On my way back, I passed couples and families paddling out to swim and picnic down further.

I was pretty impressed with myself for doing it, when I reached the landing point again - to a relieved looking staff member. It was a beautiful way to spend the morning, before returning to the road for the remainder of the solo portion of my Garden Route roadtrip.

Pulling out of Wilderness, I felt sad to be leaving the little town, and I am sure I will be back one day for another escape from the big, crazy world.

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