Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rugged And Pristine Robberg

Mentioning on Facebook to me friends that I was in Plettenburg Bay for the evening, a South African friend replied to say I could not miss a visit to the pristine Robberg Reserve.

A quick little bit of research online, through mainly Google Image, I set myself an early sunrise alarm for the next morning.

This was part of my Garden Route roadtrip, and one of the stops I returned to for some more time on the way back, because it impressed me the first time.

Being so early, to beat the heat, actually meant that I was one of only a handful of people on the Nature Reserve that morning. Robberg is about a 4km jut of pristine land, featuring cliff faces, natural wildlife, and untouched beaches.

I started out from the carpark, and made my way along the high cliffs, facing Plett, the bay and the mountains beyond. From this initial trail, it wasn't long before I could smell, and then hear, the colony of Cape fur seals. Basking in the morning sun, they were just down below at the waters edge, on the rocks below.

Further along was expanse of Witsand, which was a bank of sand dune right across the jut of land. I took this path, as the warnings on everything I read talked about danger at high tide, and I had done minimal research!

Taking in the isolated, hidden cove with the extra jut of rock out past the end of the Witsand - where it was just me, the sounds of the ocean, and the birds - magical!

These footprints to the left are just mine, on that amazing little sand bank.

This recommended find really brought up the idea of the Garden Route to my roadtrip, with spectacular views at every step. Clean beach at one point, crazy jungle-like rainforest bush land at other sections of the walk.

Definitely worth the early morning wake up for this special morning, all to my self.

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