Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woodstock Street Art Captures

I stumbled upon this elephant just roaming around one of the more residential suburbs of Cape Town. After a little online research, I found that Woodstock was an area rich in street art, and these are my finds from out there.

Woodstock is full of cafes and art galleries, as well as regular residential streets. It wasn't very far out of the city itself, by car, and it was pretty easy to start walking around and spotting the creative marks along the streets.

As I wandered along, taking photos of each find and becoming more and more focused on the art, a man approached me and told me it was dangerous to be walking around here on my own. He eluded to gang activity, and fully spooked me - I returned to the main street and checked out the Side Street Studio - where an artist brought me lunch on a whim! A balance of experience!

Art with a message, and some that was just stunning and impressive. This suburb was worth being scared out of the street during daylight, for the sight of some of these gems!

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